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Nicolette Mace & Ryuu Blade

The live action adventures of Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren follow the same timeline as the books but with more indepth stories that cover events that happen in between the major run-ins with Kevin Metis, Derek Long & Ryuu Blade. 

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Online ShortsEdit

Of All the Gin Joints

Of All the Gin Joints is the first of the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren shorts that is currently in pre-production. The short follows Nicolette Mace as she engages with a former friend, now enemy, Simon McGregor in his own club trying to even the score for Simon using her during the investigation of the disappearance of his sister. There is currently a kickstarter campaign running to fund the filming of this first short.

Of All the Gin Joints Kickstarter

Mini SeriesEdit

The mini series is currently in development with plans to start filming before the end of this year.

TV SeriesEdit

The TV series is currently in the development stage and has no set filming date.


A trilogy of movies has been written in the Raven Siren universe that follows a different storyline to that of the books and TV series that includes the same characters but in slightly different roles and different relationships. Though Fred and Siren remain on the side of good and Derek Long and Kevin Metis are both on the side of bad the others are slightly more fluid.