Frederick J. Barlow
Fred portrait
Benjamin Thomas as Frederick J. Barlow
Some attributes
Name Frederick J. Barlow
Alias Fred Barlow
Occupation Policeman
Other attributes
Parents Michael Barlow & Juliet Lee
Siblings Ryan Barlow
First Appearance Beginnings: Beginnings Part 1
Last Appearance Legacy
Allies Nicolette Mace, Ryan Barlow, Harry Lee, Rick Clegg
Enemies Kevin Metis, Ryuu Blade, Ross Turndune, Richard Ellis, Gary Rogers, Derek Long
Love Interests Nicolette Mace, Nancy Lewis, Jessica Beach
Spouse/s Jessica Beach, Nicolette Mace
Children Lily Barlow & Rose Barlow

"Well you’re the last people I would have expected to see. Not very quiet for assassins are we? Or very invisible for that matter."

Frederick J. Barlow is one of the prinicipal characters in the Nicolette Mace: The Raven Siren franchise.

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  • Beginnings: Beginnings Part 1
  • Beginnings: Beginnings Part 2
  • Beginnings: Beginnings Part 3
  • Kevin Metis Saga: Backtrack
  • Kevin Metis Saga: The Shortest Day
  • Kevin Metis Saga: Deceiving Appearances
  • Kevin Metis Saga: The Streets of the Living
  • Derek Long Saga: Dire Wolf
  • Derek Long Saga: Red Rag
  • Derek Long Saga: Epic Struggle
  • The Lily & Rose Saga
  • Legacy
  • Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 1
  • The Case of Mrs. Weldon
  • Hunting the Priest Killer



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